Membership Requirements


The mission shall be to offer mature women a unique opportunity to join a sisterhood of enthusiastic, inspiring community members, who are accepting of all members, regardless of size, race, religion, sexual preference, or dance ability. We serve to strengthen each other, embrace Mardi Gras culture, and promote community awareness. Confidence, happiness, humor, and kindness represent the Krewe’s core values.


Annual dues for the Tutu Live Krewe:        $175




Costume design decisions are made by the Costume Committee.

Krewe colors:  purple, turquoise, and black (no pastels).  

Costume design includes a solid black corset (over or under bust), black mesh or lace undershirt, custom tutu (full or bustle style; ordering and purchase will be coordinated by the Krewe.), black boots (knee or higher),  and accessories in the approved Krewe colors (wigs, tights, gloves, socks, etc.).

ALL costume pieces and accessories must fall into the approved Krewe color combination.

All costume fees are covered by individual members and not included in the payment of the annual dues.

Costumes that fit the standard outlined by the Costume Committee must be worn at all public performances/participating events.


Members must attend a minimum of 8  rehearsals and learn the choreography to participate in the parade(s). Although we have different dancing styles, rhythms, and abilities, we need to be as organized and prepared as possible.

 (Agreement to the terms of the membership requirements is assumed when the payment of the annual dues is received)